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Welcome to the Joe Frank Wiki, a collaborative knowledge base dedicated to the work of Joe Frank. We are currently working on 360 articles, and we need your help to complete this study of Joe's material. If this is your first time here, please see the About Page. This is a fan-maintained page, and as such is not directly affiliated with Joe Frank or

Who Is Joe Frank?

Joe Frank is an American radio personality, known best for his engaging, often philosophical, monologues and radio dramas.

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Programs By SeriesPrograms By Type

WBAI and NPR Playhouse (1979-1984)

Work in Progress (1986-1992)

In the Dark (1993-1995)

Somewhere Out There (1996-1997)

The Other Side (1999-2001)

Online (2001-present)


Absurd Monologue

Improv Actors

Serious Monologue

Scripted Actors

Narrative Monologue

Karma Style

Real People

Sound Effects

Found Tape

Pledge Drive

Panel Discussion


Call In Show


Mock Interview




Absurd Lists


Programs By Cast Member

Larry Block | Zak Block | Ryan Cutrona | Harry Dennis | Jack Kornfield | Arthur Miller | Lester Nafzger | Gregory Poe | David Rapkin | Julie Renick | Debi Mae West | Grace Zabriskie

External Links

  • The only authorized way to obtain or hear Joe's material online is at, his official web site
  • The Name That Joe page has a transcription of the opening words of almost all programs
  • Joe was interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air