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Last Show is the name of a program Joe Frank produced as part of the series Somewhere Out There.


Joe announces that it's his last show on KCRW. (He returned a few years later.) He introduces his collaborators and gives us a clip featuring each. David Cross as OJ Simpson's man-friend. Tim Jerome and Beth Dixon as a couple stranded on a raft who turn to cannibalism. Joe talks about Arthur Miller's on-air mime performance. Arthur Miller in a discussion of love; he falls for a woman dressed as a cookie and joins a troop dressed as costumed food; swollen genitals and a full body erection. Barbara Sohmers, Mark Hammer, Carolyn Swift in a desperate late night phone call from an ex-lover. Joe talks about recording Rent a Family. Jerry Klein and Theresa Nolan - she breaks up with him on the telephone and talks about her future. Tim Jerome shorts - parachuting into a convent, being assaulted by god, being propositioned by the mother superior; an elephant hunter. Mark Hammer, Arthur Miller, Paul Mantel, Lester Nafzger, Avery Hart in a teleconference of weapons dealers and a low level terrorist.

Interesting Facts

  • Spelling of names is only a guess here. If anyone knows the appropriate spelling, please drop Shiro a note. Shares material with The OJ Chronicles, Rent a Family part 2, Jerry's World (Brothers), Hawaii, Warheads.
  • This program is not available at


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